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Urdu and Computer (Booklet)

Read in Urdu I made a small effort to gather basic information about Urdu computing at one spot and in result to that Endeavour I have prepared a booklet with the title of "Urdu and Computer".

The purpose of this booklet is to make Urdu a preferable language for internet and computer so that the users can easily type Urdu and work for the promotion of their language. The soft copy of this booklet is available free for all Urdu lovers. According to the policy, you can share this booklet anywhere or post it on your website, blog or forum.

This booklet explains how to install Urdu support, Urdu font and Urdu keyboard on your computer, it also explains the rules of Urdu typing, the difference between Computer's Urdu and pictorial Urdu, the Unicode values of Urdu alphabets, how to create an Urdu keyboard layout and Urdu font with details and diagrams. This booklet also contains answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

I hope that with the help of this booklet, information on Urdu Computing reaches as many people as possible.

To read online, see the list below

    •  Some important facts (Urdu and computer FAQs).
    •  Urdu installation on Windows 7.
    •  Urdu installation on Windows Vista.
    •  Urdu installation on Windows XP.
    •  Rules for typing Urdu on computer.
    •  The difference between computer Urdu and pictorial Urdu.
    •  Urdu keyboard layout.
    •  What is font?
    •  What is unicode?
    •  Unicode values of Urdu alphabets.
    •  Developing Urdu keyboard layouts.

Download Complete booklet in PDF format.

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