Pakistani Google Map Makers There is a huge contribution of the customers in the modern standard of Google Maps/Earth because most of the pictures, roads and different places are tagged by the users themselves. In Google Mapping, every country has participated a lot and Pakistani map makers (cartographers) also contributed in this field.

Many Pakistani people did this job but some volunteers did such effort that the Google awarded them with the biggest title (Advocate) of Google Map Maker. Pakistani Volunteers who got “Advocate” title are Jabran Rafique a web developer from a small village of Gujranwala, Omer Sheikh from Lahore, Usman Latif an internet marketing expert and a software developer Faraz Ahmad from Daska. Among them it is Usman Latif who is present in Pakistan and others are out of Pakistan, this thing made him prominent from the others. Another person Abdul Rehman who is the Saudi advocate of Map Maker but he is working conscientiously in Pakistani mapping.

There is a long list of other Google Map Makers and ‘Regional Expert Reviewer’ in this regard. Owing to these map makers Google Maps has reached such position that a lay man can get information of every inch and corner at his doorstep. Google Map Makers did such precious efforts that Pak army during the flood in 2010 used these Google Maps and appreciated such volunteers in a press release. Pakistani Map Makers have a distinctive position in the world and in 2009 they got first position. In Pakistan Badar Khushnood is the country consultant of Google, who is always in contact with people regarding all activities of Google.


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