Make Money from Blogging Bloggers not only polish their creative abilities through blogging and get jobs in the worthy institutions but also earn money at their door step by writing blogs. Some bloggers take blogging partially as their source of income and some consider blogging a full time job as source of earning their livelihood. The most famous way of earning from blog is advertisement. Nowadays Google’s “AdSense” is the most famous service through which Google receives ads from different companies and gives these ads to the websites all over the world. When someone does click on that ads, every click charges some cents and that cents are accumulated in the account of the owner of the website. At the end of the month, total amount of the cents is transferred in the account of the owner of the website. Some other companies also provide such service. There are also some other types of advertisement in which various articles of different companies are presented in the form of commercials. For more detail about “Make Money from internet” in Urdu, follow this link.

Majority of the bloggers is writer that’s why bloggers write their new book or sort out their blog’s post and publish in the form of book. Bloggers sell the soft and hard copy of that book through blog. You must keep in your mind that it is not possible to earn money in the initial stage of blog writing but it demands effort and struggle. First you have to get fame by writing good, descent, and unique writings. After prominence you obtain ads and find some other ways of earning money. It is a simple fact, if the blog is not famous and nobody visits the blog, then who will give you ad?

Actually a large number of bloggers in the world is earning a handsome amount through blogging. Some top earning blogs in the world are; the news blog “The Huffington Post” of Arianna Huffington whose monthly income is almost 2.33 million dollar. After him the earning of technology blog of Pete Cashmore “Mashable” is almost 5.5 lac dollars, the monthly income of fashion blog of Mario Lavandeira “Perez Hilton” is almost 4.5 lac dollars, and the income of technology blog of Michael Arrington “Techcrunch” earns nearly 4 lac dollars.

In this field of Blogging, Pakistani English Bloggers are also in the position of earning handsome amount. But there is no such sign of earning as far as Urdu Bloggers are concerned. It does not mean that Urdu Bloggers are not up to the mark as compared to English Bloggers but they have earned good name not only in Pakistan but also in abroad among the Urdu community because of their dauntless, sharp and unique style. World’s renowned Google AdSense has not started to give ads to Urdu websites yet, which is one of the reasons of fading of Urdu bloggers in Pakistan as far as earning is concerned. Anyway in the world a large strength of bloggers does blogging for the sake of money but in Urdu Blogosphere, bloggers is such a community which does blogging for the sake of interest and love for its language.


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