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Urdu and Blog (Book)

Read in Urdu I want to gather basic information about Urdu and Computer at one spot, and make it easily accessible, because I am of the opinion that through Urdu computing and blogging we can easily bring some positive changes in our society. Maybe I am wrong, but that's just the way I think.

When my previous booklet "Urdu and Computer" received a lot of positive response and many people started asking more about Urdu blogging, I got a lot of motivation to write about Urdu blogging from a technical perspective, and I presented another book with the title "Urdu and Blog".

Create Urdu Blog

The purpose of writing this book is only to promote Urdu blogging so that more and more people could make their own Urdu blogs with ease. Then pen down treasures of knowledge in Urdu on internet and work for the progress of their country.

The soft copy of this book is available free for all Urdu lovers. According to the policy, you can share this book anywhere or post it on your website, blog or forum.

This book contains answers to simple questions such as "What is a blog and how to write a blog?", plus complete information and guidance on the making and writing of an Urdu blog and etc etc. Some more important topics in this Urdu book are given below.

    •  What is a Blog?
    •  Advantages of Blogging.
    •  How to write Urdu Blog?
    •  Some advices for Urdu Bloggers.
    •  Create free Urdu Blog.
    •  Free Bloging service providers.
    •  Basic HTML in Urdu.

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