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Historical information about Geography and Cartography

"M BILAL M" Posted on 8 May 2014.
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It can’t be denied that man is busy in devising better navigation system since beginning. Definitely this process was being continued by the passage of time. But in 1017, a brilliant Muslim scientist Al-Biruni did more exact measurement than his predecessors. Now the man has a latest and modern geographical and navigation system.→ Read More


Blogosphere – A Sovereign Kingdom of Internet

"M BILAL M" Posted on 22 February 2014.
Bloggers are think tank of the modern world. Now-a-days blogging is very famous all over the world and developing a new world. If we discuss the importance, advantages and disadvantages of Blogging then various examples of changes that happened by the blogging. In America, Russia, Georgia and Arab countries→ Read More