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Blogosphere – A Sovereign Kingdom of Internet

"M BILAL M" Posted on 22 February 2014.
Bloggers are think tank of the modern world. Now-a-days blogging is very famous all over the world and developing a new world. If we discuss the importance, advantages and disadvantages of Blogging then various examples of changes that happened by the blogging. In America, Russia, Georgia and Arab countries→ Read More


Make Money from Blogging

"M BILAL M" Posted on 20 February 2014.
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Bloggers not only polish their creative abilities through blogging and get jobs in the worthy institutions but also earn money at their door step. The most famous way of earning from blog is advertisement. Nowadays Google’s “Ad Sense” is the most famous service. Majority of the bloggers is writer that’s why bloggers write their→ Read More

Beginning and Brief History of Blogging

"M BILAL M" Posted on 17 February 2014.
Personal Blogging was first introduced in 1994. An American Justin Hall was one of the first bloggers and Jerry Pournelle‘s name also comes in the pioneer bloggers. Actually Blog series was started from that time but it was not called as blog at that time and Blog was not a proper word in lexicon. This term was coined latter on 1997 by→ Read More