Here is some discussion about different blogging services and some suggestions, where you should make blog.

Different Blogging Services to create Urdu Blog

     •    Free Service
     •    Personal Domain Name and Hosting
     •    Personal Domain Name and

To Make Urdu Blog on Free Service

Some companies provide free service to create Blog, like Google’s ( Blogger and Blogspot are the names of a single service. Most probably site stands first for free blog service and of WordPress organization comes second. Besides these two there are many other sites that provide free service for blogging but these two are the most prominent. Because of some facilities Blogspot is comparatively better than WordPress, and the most convenient way of creating one’s own blog.

To Make Urdu Blog on Personal Domain Name and Hosting

Address of website i.e. domain name and hosting are same as the address of a house. Domain name is “address” and hosting is “house”. When someone is willing to go one’s house, he gets address first of all, and this address leads man to the required house. Similarly, when someone writes Domain name in the web browser, this Domain name leads him to that particular house (hosting). Hosting is the main place which has the matter of the website.
In this method you buy the domain of your own name like I have bought then you have to purchase webhosting. It is same as to make other websites. After getting domain name and hosting you install WordPress, then blog is ready. WordPress organization provides you “wordpress CMS” free of cost to create blog on your personal hosting.

CMS stands for “Content management system”. This CMS is the most renowned CMS as far as blogging is concerned. You can call it web software that is installed on website. And after some slight changes your website is ready. Keep in mind WordPress provides facility of creating your own blog on and provides CMS to make blog on personal domain and hosting. Name of this CMS is WORDPRESS. Keep in mind ‘Wordpress CMS’ and ‘’ are two different things. Often people do not be able to distinguish the difference between these two because of resembling name.

To Make Blog with Personal Domain and Hosting on

In this method, only Domain name is to purchase and Hosting of Google’s Blogspot is used. Let suppose if I have to use the hosting of Blogspot for my own domain (, then I have to do some changes in the control panel of my domain name e.g. I have to give the name of hosting server of Blogspot in A-records and CNAME. Similarly I have to include Custom Domain in the settings after creating Blog on Blogspot. In fact through this process Domain is connected to Hosting and Hosting is connected to Domain. After this Blog is controlled via Blogspot, while Blog opens with personal domain i.e. domain name appears in the browser but blogspot is running on the back end.

My Suggestion for choosing Blog Service

     •    If you are not a technical person and don’t have technical information about websites, then you should prefer Blogspot to create blog and find a suitable Urdu template and upload it.

     •    If you have a little information about websites, then purchase your own personal domain and use hosting of Blogspot.

     •    If you have enough information about website, then buy the domain name and hosting and create your own blog.

     •    If you are not well informed with technical information about website but have interest in personal domain, then spend money and ask a web designer to set your blog up. After it, take care of your blog yourself. If you are not willing to take care of your blog yourself, then hire a web designer’s services for this purpose of maintenance of your sit. You can place your order of creating personal blog to companies or web designers, they can make your blog but you have to write your articles of your blog yourself. A web designer will only co-operate you in technical process of issuance of article on the blog.


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