Urdu blog setupNow-a-days blogging is famous all around the world. Blog is like the personal diary that is written for internet. Blog is basically the other name of website in which people write down their thoughts, experiences, and information. If you would like to make the world listen your voice, then blogging is the best option.

It is easy to start/create a blog and also very easy to create blog in Urdu language (URDU Blog). It does not want skill and training, in simple words you can say that it is a child’s play now-a-days. You can even make of your own blog by free services. The other way is personal domain name and hosting by spending some money. If you already have a website, then you can make blog on it; or on the sub domain of that site. Here are some steps of how to make Urdu blog, given below.


     •    Make the computer able to write Urdu.
     •    Choose the blogging service and to set the blog up.
     •    Set the theme/template to show Urdu clear.

Make the computer able to write Urdu

Pak Urdu Installer is used to read and write Urdu clearly in the computers of windows operating system. All the information, about how to install Pak Urdu Installer and how to write Urdu by using Pak Urdu Installer, you can find in this link. The information, besides windows i.e. other operating systems like mobile or tablet, you can find in this link.

Choose the blogging service and to set the blog up

To create the Urdu blog we have to select blogging service first. Many companies provide free facility of blog making e.g. Google’s Blogspot. There are many other companies that provide such facility like Word press etc. Blog can be generated on your own website by spending some amount, on the personal domain and hosting instead of free blogging service. You can find the detail of Blogging service and Blog setup in this link.

Set the theme/template to show Urdu clear

Theme and template are the chips of the same block. Because WordPress users call it theme and Blogspot users call it template. When the blog is setup, then an appropriate Urdu theme/template is selected so that Urdu might be seen clearly. Theme/template can be said the design of the blog. As there is design of website as it is we have design of blog. In fact blog is one of the types of website.


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