Beginning and Brief History of Blogging We can’t say ultimately about the beginning of Blog and who was the pioneer of Blog. But we have some hint about the beginning of Personal Blogging that was first introduced in 1994. It is probably assumed that an American Justin Hall was one of the first bloggers. He in 1994, started to write Blog during his college days; and Jerry Pournelle‘s name also comes in the pioneer bloggers.

Blog of that time was different in technique and appearance. Blogging of Justin and Jerry was like of personal diary and personal journalism. Blog series was started from that time but it was not called as blog at that time and Blog was not a proper word in lexicon. Actually the term “Weblog” was coined latter on 17 December 1997 by an American blogger Jorn Barger. Afterwards this term was compacted into word Blog by Peter Merholz. It happened in 1999 that Peter broke “Weblog” into “We Blog” in the sidebar of his blog as fun. Thus majority of online diary writers started to use this short form “Blog” instead of Weblog and word “Blog” got familiar from that time.

Latter on the thread of term “Blogger” appears to be linked with Pyra Lab’s “Blogger product” that was started on 23 August 1999, which is provides the service to create blogs. Further the owner of blog also known as Blogger. In 2003 renowned Google has purchased Blogger product that is now called as Blogspot. Earlier there appeared some other services for the sake of Blog creating e.g. Open Diary, SlashDot, Movable Type and famous WordPress. Now-a-days the process of writing a blog is called Blogging. The world of blogs and their interconnections is called Blogosphere. In fact Brad L. Graham coined this term on 10 September 1999 in a funny manner that is used now-a-days. This Blogosphere is now called as “Blogistan” in Urdu language.

As a matter of fact blogging has been started but after the incident of 11 September 2001 it flourished by leaps and bounds. Bloggers started to express their feelings on every significant event and this series is still continue.


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